• Ethiopian troops ‘raided hospital looking for TPLF’

    Ethiopian soldiers raided a hospital on Sunday in the northern historic city of Aksum in Tigray, looking for members of the Tigray People Liberation Fighters (TPLF), the AFP news agency reports, quoting doctors at the hospital.

    The soldiers pointed guns at the doctors and nurses and questioned wounded patients, the health workers, who didn’t want to be identified, told AFP.

    They also said the troops removed bandages and intravenous fluids from the sick and pointed their guns at doctors and nurses.

    Medical charity MSF, which supports the hospital, confirmed the incident, saying in a statement that the soldiers “went ward by ward intimidating caretakers and threatening health staff”.

    “[We] are very concerned about the frequent violations of the neutrality of the medical mission by armed groups,” MSF said in a statement.

    Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed ordered an offensive last year in Tigray after TPLF fighters attacked military bases hosting federal troops.

    The conflict – which is in its seventh month – has killed thousands and displaced many more.

    Rights groups gave documented horrific crimes against civilians from both sides, including by troops from neighbouring Eritrea who are backing federal troops.

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